The Importance of Beautiful Landscaping and Property Maintenance

Landscape design and proper maintenance is important for several reasons.

1. It Adds to Your Health and the Enjoyment of Your Home

Your home is one of your most significant investments, so it makes sense to enjoy it!

Getting outside and taking in fresh air is good for you.  A well-manicured lawn and other beautiful and functional outdoor living areas provide stress relief. Being able to truly enjoy your outdoor environs will aid in the release of endorphins (a chemical that the body can release that makes you feel good (a "natural" and healthy "high").

Landscaping is typically associated with lawns, trees, bushes and flowers. But other items also can be considered part of landscaping, such as fire pits, decks, patios, waterfalls, swimming pools and outdoor lighting … all of which add to your enjoyment of what is likely your greatest asset.

2. Properly Done, it Eliminates Safety Hazards

Landscaping can eliminate trip hazards, which is the most common reason people are injured at residential properties.

3. It Increases Your Home's Resale Value

When you are preparing to sell your home, one of the questions you must ask yourself is, "Does my home have curb appeal?"

According to Appraisal Institute, "Curb appeal is essential when selling a home", Borges said, noting it’s the homeowner’s opportunity to make a great first impression.

A home with lackluster landscaping or an exterior in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint will likely be unappealing to prospective buyers and ultimately could affect the home’s potential resale value.

The Importance of Beautiful Landscaping and Property Maintenance